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1. What if I've never done yoga?
A: We are all eternal beginners. You're in good company.
2. I'd like to try SUP Yoga but I've never been on a paddle board. Is this OK? 
A: It is recommended that you have at least some exposure to paddle boarding in general. Contact us for information about renting boards around town, safety paddle board resources or for a personalized SUP Yoga session.
3. What are your fees?
A: These vary as we offer a variety of services. Please check our schedule of classes and events or contact us with any special requests.
4. Where are the classes held?
A: We offer most of our classes outdoors or on the water when possible. Sites vary.
5. Can I invite a few of my friends or co-workers for a special group class?
6. What should I bring to a SUP Yoga class?
A: Board, paddle, PFD, towel, change of clothes.
7. What if I don't have my own board?
A: Many companies in town rent and sell SUP boards. We have access to some boards and can make these available to you dependent upon class location. Contact us for resources and/ or more detail.
8. What is your cancellation policy?
A: In the case of outdoor yoga, paying attention to the weather is important. During any inclement weather or dangerous conditions, we will cancel and offer a refund or space in next class. Should you need to cancel, we require a 48 hour notice.